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Eleonora D’Incao (Elle)

Founder & Creative Director


Elle is an Interior Designer and Certified Home Stager


Elle has called Chelsea her hone since 2011. Her passion for design has international origins. While living in the creative hearts of Brazil, Tokyo, New York and London, she pursued her innate interest in home design by leading several design projects. She has continued her work in London, where she launched Chelsea Staging Company, Chelsea Design and Build and Chelsea C&O.

Though her contemporary aesthetic underlies her signature style, Elle achieves a transitional design style – one that exudes a modern yet traditional feel – by incorporating antique pieces.

Elle stages properties and works closely with contractors and architects to select and recommend design elements, furniture, and interior accessories to achieve each project’s desired look and feel while staying within budgets.

Adding value to properties is her most well known talent.

Eleonora D' Incao

Our team


Bianca Kramer

Creative Director

New York 

Bianca brings cross-industry marketing savvy and customer experience (CX) to home staging. As a 'Home Editor’ she has a proven talent for creating beautiful spaces and ensuring that the client’s home is ready before the first customer walks through the door. Her signature style transforms occupied and vacant properties into spaces that are sensible, clean, and sophisticated, giving her clients the competitive edge they need to inspire consumers to purchase or rent their property.


Keeping sustainability and budget in mind, Bianca ensures that all her projects incorporate existing pieces for a finished look that is both refreshing and elegant.

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Cristina D'Incao

Cristina is a certified Home Organizer and the CEO of Chelsea C&O.

Cristina joined our team in 2019. She started organizing homes and, together with Elle, they founded Chelsea C&O – a high-end cleaning and organizing company.


Cristina has a marketing background and has a unique way of communicating with clients and delivering optimum services. While she was living in Brazil, she created her interior design and architectural magazine.


Now in London, her attention-to-detail when in charge of the cleaning team, as well as when working, inspires awe in our clients.


More about Chelsea C&O


Alexandre Haralampidis

Alexandre joined our team since 2019.


Alexandre is a key member of Chelsea Staging Company, Chelsea C&O and Chelsea Design And Build.


After working in graphic design for over 20 years, and having worked independently with photography and architectural magazines, he has a profound knowledge about beautiful spaces while understanding clients.


His friendly attitude combined with his professionalism makes him our number one in logistics and many other arrands.

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